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Hi! While we aren’t new to Western Massachusetts, our company is! We hope you’ll take a minute to get to know us. Let’s face it, the outdoors helped most of us get through 2020. The outdoors is one of the best places you can spend time, relieve stress and improve your health – it is scientifically proven! We are here to help you enjoy the outdoors to its fullest potential here in Western Massachusetts and the Connecticut River Valley. We look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in the great outdoors soon!

Upcoming Experiences

Please see the calendar for available experiences, but be sure to check back frequently as we’ll be adding more and more as we head into the summer.


Thursday, 06/24/2021

Join us for an exciting evening under the stars as we climb to the top of Norwottuck on the Mount Holyoke Range in Amherst to soak up the rays of the full moon.

Starting from the new Kestrel Land Trust Headquarters, located at the foot of the Mount Holyoke Range, we will climb for approximately an hour and a half before arriving to the top of Norwottuck where we will be able to get an amazing view of the full moon rising over the Pelham Hills.

Thursday, 06/24/2021

Enjoy an evening paddle along the Connecticut River bathed in the light of the stars and the full moon. You won't want to miss this month's Strawberry Moon - a typically bright and brilliant moon that marks the beginning of summer - particularly as it illuminates our route as we paddle from the Sunderland Boat Ramp to the Norwottuck Rail Trail Connection at Elwell State Park.


Meet us at Provisions, Mill District for a beautiful, mid-morning ride.

The Intermediate level is a scenic loop that takes us through some of the most memorable places in North Amherst and Leverett. The 18 - mile ride starts at Provisions, Mill District heading west through the Mill River Conservation area and past Puffers Pond before riding north toward Leverett. It's a gently sloping ride north, with a few rolling hills throughout. Along the way, we'll get a good look at the Leverett Pond and the hills of the Brushy Mountain wildlife area.

This outing will be a 9 mile paddle from the Poplar Street access downriver to the Sunderland Boat Ramp. It will include a peek up the Deerfield River and exploration of some islands and sandbars which will provide us with excellent potential opportunities for birdwatching as bald eagles and other birds of prey can often be spotted on this route.

Sunday, 06/27/2021

Spend the afternoon with us as we take a scenic loop through the beautiful backroads of Easthampton and the rolling hills in Westhampton. Starting at the award winning Glendale Ridge Vineyard, we'll head north toward Chesterfield Road before looping back toward Westhampton Center. We'll keep an intermediate to social pace ( 10 - 12 mph on hills, 12 - 15 mph on flat roads) so that you can have a comfortable ride while taking in the orchard views and the striking landscapes of surrounding conservation areas.

Following the ride, we will enjoy a tailgate picnic lunch provided by Woodstar Cafe in Northampton along with a selection of wines from the vineyard.

This excursion will be a gorgeous, 6 mile paddle from the Sunderland Boat Ramp to the Kellogg Hill Road Boat Ramp in Hatfield. This outing is a great introduction to paddling on a large river and affords picturesque views of Mount Sugarloaf and Mount Warner forming this section of the Connecticut River Valley.