Our Mission

We know that planning an outdoor adventure can be time-consuming and challenging. Adventure East makes it easy to have fun, outdoor experiences where you can focus on enjoying the natural beauty of Western Massachusetts without the hassle of planning and figuring out logistics.

We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to safely and easily enjoy the outdoors regardless of skill level or the ability to access the gear and material necessary for an outdoor experience.

We aim to provide the resources that will help anyone and everyone be able to experience the outdoors in Western Massachusetts.

The Team

Brian Pearson


My life has been an adventure, starting from my first home on a lake next to a small ski hill, 600 vert! We moved to Colorado when I was 8 and did my first “start-up” was when I was 12 raising horses. We moved to Vermont when I was 15 where I learned to mountain bike before there were shocks on bikes! I did experiment with a real career in health finance. After completely burning out, my wife and I went on an adventure backpacking through South America for seven months. Settling in Santiago, Chile, I built a travel company opening up some of South America’s first cat skiing, wine lodges and pop up glamping. It’s nice to be settled now in a peaceful and beautiful valley where so many adventures are less than an hour away. I love campfires and cooking over a fire.

Shannon Timothy

Social Media Manager, Client Service Coordinator

I am a Brooklyn-born, Western Massachusetts raised, extroverted introvert with a passion for writing. I'm the ‘meander through the woods, picnic next to chipmunks’ kind of outdoorsy but am game for a good hike. Just tell me first because I am never wearing the right shoes for a spontaneous adventure. I have 20+ years of experience in the service industry with 15 years spent managing a well-loved and much missed café in Northampton, MA. Though I genuinely enjoy working in a food service environment, I joined the Adventure East Team with an eagerness to combine my loves for connecting with community and bringing joy to as many people as I can, and then – of course – writing about it. When I’m not busy scribbling away in one of my many notebooks I am likely to be found making extensive (and awesome) playlists, obsessively reading product reviews, and seeking out dogs to pet.

Brad Walker

Paddling Program and OPS Development

I was born 2,000 feet from the Cooper River in New Jersey. Back then, it was so polluted they didn't need signs warning folks to keep out. It is no wonder the canoe in our garage was only used for special trips farther from home. The driver's license was my ticket to paddling. Suddenly my friends and I could go to the Shore and paddle back bays, navigate islands with nesting herons, and explore tangled creeks of the Pine Barrens. Years later my daughter was born in a hospital overlooking Kachemak Bay and there was no question that she would enjoy a ride across the bay at just 5-days old! Now, in addition to supporting Adventure East activities, you might spot me paddling the whitewater of the Deerfield, Millers, and Connecticut Rivers.

PS: The Cooper River has been clean enough that in 2006 they built an amazing boathouse and host national championship rowing regattas - we support the Clean Water Act

Ami Jean Aubin

Forest Bathing Guide, Naturalist

I was raised free range, allowed to explore and connect with the natural world. Memories of balancing on logs perched over the river behind my childhood home and running through the corn fields fill me with a sense of belonging to nature. After a long career in the restaurant industry as the owner of a popular French bistro, I’m now returning to those childhood roots and regaining that sense of being connected to nature's web. As a trained Forest Bathing and Mindful Outdoor Guide my mission is to help people find that deeper connection within the forest. My most enjoyable hobbies include gazing into the sky while searching for migrating birds and examining the ground for animal toes. I’ve recently completed a wildlife tracking apprenticeship with my tracking mentor George Leoniak and have become a certified naturalist through Mass Audubon. I’ve discovered that the more I learn about our mother earth, the more mysterious she becomes. Creating a sense of eternal curiosity. There is nothing I love more then being with a group of people in the forest while attempting to unravel these great mysteries of the natural world.

Andrew Teagno

Paddling Guide

I always turn to the woods and waters when looking for inspiration, restoration, or invigoration. I was born and raised in Amherst MA, and my formative years were spent in the woods and beaches of New England. I have spent a considerable amount of time in the Pacific Northwest where the proximity of the ocean to the mountains made me feel like a kid in a candy shop. I spent years climbing the glaciated volcanoes of the Cascades, clinging to the crags in northern Washington, paddling the crystal and frigid rivers, sailing in the Puget Sound, and skiing in British Columbia. As much as I loved the Pacific Northwest, New England is home. Since returning home I have worked at numerous summer camps in the Northeast, have been an instructor in coastal kayaking, sailing, rock climbing, backcountry travel, and basic survival techniques. I find deep satisfaction in introducing someone to a new way to enjoy the amazing bounty of outdoor beauty that we have on offer in this part of the country.

Dan Finn

Caving and Paddling Guide

For nearly a quarter century I have had the great joy of paddling solo and with many great people in amazing places like Georgian Bay, the Thimble Islands of CT, the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, the coast of Maine, the San Juan Islands of Washington, Vancouver Island, and many beautiful canyons in Lake Powell. Whether I'm paddling locally or far away, I love the feel of the paddle and kayak as it moves through the water. In my concern that many of us have a one-sided relationship with the planet - where many of us get a lot more from nature than a lot of us give back - I love taking people into beautiful places to help deepen their connection with the world around them. As a friend who I took paddling once said, "I can see why you like kayaking so much, cause I've never seen you smile more."

Davis Bannister (he/they)

Hiking Guide

I have been living and hiking in the Pioneer Valley for nearly my whole life. Since my childhood as a Boy Scout, I have loved getting out in nature and am passionate about showing others the amazing natural resources of Western Massachusetts. Hosting tours, I will enthusiastically discuss the local environment and community, and suggest plentiful local attractions tailored to your interests. When not leading tours with Adventure East or Pioneer Valley Food Tours, I am a freelance event planner, coordinate campus center operations at Smith College, and I enjoy hiking, cooking and playing tabletop board games with friends. My wife Amanda and I live in Northampton with our two cats Little and Skippy.

Garth Shaneyfelt

Biking & Hiking Guide

I have been hiking, biking, skiing, and adventuring for over 35 years.  From multiweek bike-packing trips on both coasts to hillwalking & mountaineering in New England, Pacific NW, Europe and South America, and organizing group outings here in Massachusetts there is always something to explore.   My family moved to the CT River Valley 17 years ago and we continue to find great places to get outside right in our backyard.

Jennie Curran-Wage

Hiking Guide

Greetings! My name is Jennie and my passion for the outdoors began as a child. From climbing trees by day to watching bats with my mom at night, the great outdoors was my playground. My fondness for our natural world inspired my interest in wildlife and scenic photography. I have photographed everything from loons, moose, and red fox to mountain grandeurs, sunrises and sets, and the night sky. The White Mountains of NH is where my love for alpine environments, steep trails and wilderness adventures molded the individual I am today. I became a volunteer Alpine Steward through AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club), and I am wilderness first aid and CPR/AED certified. Helping hikers and educating folks about the fragile alpine environment and Leave No Trace ethics bring me the most joy. The great outdoors is my wild home!

Joe Jewett

Cross-Country & Backcountry Skiing Guide

My ski journey began at age 3 when my parents started teaching me to climb up and slide down the hills on the Saxon Woods golf course near our house. My parents were sailboat racers-that was how they met-but they also loved winter sports. When my brother was born, our family bought a piece of land in Fayston, VT where we would, over time, spend weekends building a cabin as a family. What a joy it was to be able to choose between Glen Ellen, Sugarbush or Mad River Glen. As soon as we knew better it was always MRG so that is where my brother and I learned to be good skiers. Skiing there prepares you for almost any sort of backcountry conditions. Later in my 20s I moved to Montana for my musical work and got some more education. When I returned east in 2000, I began the typical spring pilgrimage to Mt. Washington where I’ve skied most of the routes - but there are still several I’d like to ski. One doesn’t always get to choose at that mountain! I even got in on a group trip with David Goodman who has written many excellent guide books about backcountry skiing in the Northeast that are published by the Appalachian Mountain Club. In September of 2020, I went back to school to get myself qualified to be an Outdoor Leader; first, Wilderness First Responder, and then a class fall semester at Greenfield Community College in their Outdoor Leadership Program. Next two courses with AIARE in Avalanche safety and rescue, PSIA Nordic Level 1 and ACA(American Canoe Association) Level 2. I have taught Alpine skiing for two seasons in Montana and coached Alpine Ski racing at the Academy at Charlemont for two years.

John Body


I am a naturalist who loves connecting people with nature. Whether it's out hiking, looking for tracks, exploring vernal pools, kayaking down a river or into bog, fun is always right around the corner. As a wildlife photographer/videographer, I also produce educational videos with fellow nature nerds to help people better understand the natural world. www.naturenerdsrule.com

John Burns, aka "Burnsie"

Botanist, Hiking Guide

I am a a botanist specializing in rare and endangered plants, edible plants and mushroom identification. With my extensive knowledge of New England forests, I enjoy leading folks on nature walks and hikes and helping them gain a new appreciation for the environment as well as the plant-life unique to Western Massachusetts.



Max Alaghband

Hiking and Yoga Guide

I grew up by the beach in Southern California, and fell in love with the woods in my teens when my family moved to Upstate New York. In college, yoga, meditation, and hiking became my go-to to get into my body, clear my head, and make room for inspiration, and I completed my yoga teacher training at Kripalu shortly after graduating. After a year in Taiwan studying Mandarin and immersing myself in the meditative arts at a Zen monastery, I moved to the Valley in 2019. I love helping people connect with the strength, peace, and wisdom within while deepening their appreciation for the people and planet around us. My favorite part of teaching yoga is seeing the look on my students' faces when they get up from savasana after a sweaty and grounding vinyasa flow!

Meghan Jacokes

Hiking Guide

I am restless unless outdoors. If I am not convincing others to wake up at 3 am for the next meteor shower or planning my next backpacking trip, I am likely hiking with my infant, partner and extremely energetic dog in the Valley. I relocated to the area 7 years ago from Michigan where you would find me constantly hiking a dune, snowshoeing, paddling the rivers, or jumping into the Great Lakes. At the University of Michigan, I combined my two passions for education and the environment with masters' degrees in Natural Resources and Secondary Education.  As a former Park Ranger at Arches and Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I love supporting people's curiosity and empowering them to explore their environment be it their backyard or on a peak.

Rachel Bond

Hiking Guide

I have been leading outdoor backpacking and hiking trips for the last 9 years in wilderness settings all over the states. My last guiding experience was out west in Colorado working for a therapeutic wilderness immersion program. I enjoy taking people out into the woods and helping them find empowerment and comfort in rugged climates and environments. I also enjoy incorporating therapeutic aspects like somatic awareness and meditation into my guiding trips. At this time, I am a doctoral student at UMass Amherst studying trauma training for educators. In my free time, I do a lot of mountaineering, and rock climbing both abroad and state side.

Tom Adams

Hiking and Paddling Guide

As a kid, growing up, our family used to refer to our camping trips and cross country excursions as "Adams' Adventures." As a videographer and photographer, I've been continuing this great adventure in a wide variety of ways over the years, combining business with pleasure, including: one of my first jobs as a production assistant at the National Parks Service Audio/Visual Design Center in Harpers Ferry West Virginia, a job as the weather report videographer at Mt. Snow, Vermont, documenting a zip line training course at Berkshire East, as well as directing many other outdoor educational and promotional video productions. I enjoy experiencing all of the seasons through kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, skiing and snowshoeing and I love to share the outdoor world with as many people as possible and find it very rewarding to see the happy smiles of those experiencing the joys of the natural world!

Zhem Behr

Caving and Hiking Guide

I am originally from upstate New York - Hudson Valley - and moved many years ago to Western Mass for the progressive culture of the Pioneer Valley. I have moved around the valley over time and have come to call it home through hiking the plethora of conservation areas and off trail adventures. Some of my favorite things to do while hiking are showing people and foraging for (and eating!) wild edibles, berries, and mushrooms. I am keen on the geological history of places, which brings me to caving. I love to explore the underground world! I am a 10+ year member of the National Speleological Society (NSS #58857) and an active member of the Vermont Caver's Association grotto, the northeast's most active caving and karst community. I have been taking small groups on caving expeditions to NY, VT, and Western Mass for several years. By joining Adventure East, I have the opportunity to expand on these adventures, bringing a greater awareness and appreciation of hiking and caving in the eastern woodlands to a more diverse group of people. As a person who is dedicated to educating people about interesting aspects of our natural history, habitat, and the animals and plants that rely on caves, I work to preserve this amazing resource through cave cleanup, trail maintenance, and cave acquisition. The northeast is home to several thousand caves and I am honored to share a tiny slice of these natural wonders through Adventure East.

Jacob Lindeman


My earliest childhood memories are escaping into the woods behind our house and getting lost in adventures. That is still one of my favorite things to do, and I wish that everyone should (repeatedly) have that kind of experience. I went to a Maine "back-woods" summer camp with no electricity and no electronic "transistors" allowed. I learned to cook and bake on a campfire. Food shared on the trail is a highlight for me.

I have been a cook in a pizza shop and a grease wrench in bike shops. I love mountain and road bike rides, hiking and snowshoeing on (and off) trails, and whitewater canoeing. Making things is what I love to do the most. When I grow up, I want to build a canoe. My children call me "the fix-it-up chappie." It is always time to make the world a better place and revitalize our ecosystems.

Kate Cardoso


I was born and raised in Northampton, MA and relocated back to Northampton with my husband and two daughters in 2011. I have almost twenty years of experience in the corporate group travel industry with responsibility for all aspects of design, planning and onsite execution for mid to large scale incentives and meetings - both domestic and international. I'm involved in the community as a volunteer and board member for Manna Community Kitchen and as a coach for Girls on the Run. I joined the Adventure East advisory board because of my love for Western Massachusetts, the outdoors and physical activity. I'm known for my passion and commitment to helping others. I'm also a horrible cook who loves mochas (two unrelated things but both are true).


Connecticut River Conservancy

Connecticut River Conservancy is the voice for the Connecticut River watershed, from source to sea. We collaborate with partners across four states to protect and advocate for your rivers and educate and engage communities. We bring people together to prevent pollution, improve habitat, and promote enjoyment of your river and its tributary streams. Healthy rivers support healthy economies.

Eagle Eye Institute

Eagle Eye Institute offers hands-on learning experiences in nature while providing underrepresented communities - particularly youth of color – opportunities to engage in environmental stewardship, advocacy, and career exploration. With 200 gorgeous acres of trails to explore at Eagle Eye’s MountainStar Forest, we look forward to planning a wide range of experiences, including educational programs with naturalists, yoga, vegan meals, and pop-up camps. All of our experiences with Eagle Eye directly support their mission through a financial contribution included in the price of our offerings.

Kestrel Land Trust

Kestrel Land Trust works with landowners and other organizations and agencies to conserve the land and natural resources that are so important to us in the Connecticut River Valley. Through community engagement Kestrel Land Trust provides opportunities for people to care for protected land while strengthening connections to nature and to each other. Our collaboration with Kestrel gives us an endless number of opportunities for exciting outdoor experiences. We look forward to planning trail walks with naturalists, yoga in the woods, bike rides, forest bathing, and bird watching excursions, just to name a few! All of our experiences on Kestrel Land Trust properties directly support their mission through a financial contribution included in the price of our experiences.

The Trustees

For more than a century, The Trustees has been working to conserve and protect land across Massachusetts while building engaging new programs to share their expertise with people throughout the state. We are mutually excited to collaborate on programming to get more people outside and connected to our special places in the region and build the next generation of stewards of the natural world.

Western Mass

The Greater Springfield Convention and Visitor's Bureau is a 501c(6) non-profit membership-based destination marketing organization focused on growing tourism in Western Mass. The Bureau is governed by a Board of Directors representing the membership. The GSCVB promotes Western Mass as the epicenter of discovery – from the vibrant nightlife and culture of its urban cultural centers to the pure majesty of the region’s lush outdoors. Western Mass has inspired innovation, adventure, creativity and pioneer spirit for centuries.

Career Opportunities

Calling All Guides!

We are looking to grow our team of guides, instructors, and educators. If you have experience in road/gravel biking, touring kayak paddling, or are knowledgeable about trails and conservation areas in Western Mass, then we'd love to talk to you!

If you are interested, we invite you to contact us at jobs@adventureeast.com and provide us with information about your areas of experience and interest. A recording of one of our guide information sessions is also available upon request.

Thank you!