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Kicking Off Paddling Season with Our New Guides

It’s official: Summer is here and that means that paddling season is well underway.

Much like end of season preparations, it’s important to be sure that as the weather gets warmer that we’re ready for everything that the season may bring.


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Sustainable Foraging Practices in Western Mass: What to Look For

Now that you've read a little about sustainable foraging and what that means to us, you might be wondering which plants are edible and abundant enough to responsibly forage in the area. Well, you're in luck!


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Sustainable Foraging Practices in Western Mass

Foraging of edible vegetables, fruits, fungi, herbs, and nuts where they occur naturally inspires connection with the natural world. Every spring, we go to the woodlands of the region in search of what nature has in store. From the inner peace we receive being "alone" in the woodlands, to the plethora of wild creatures with which we cross paths, to the abundance of food surrounding us, we are ever learning how much our local forests can provide.

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Save the Shad - A Letter from Our Founder

The energy in the air is palpable. People aren’t wearing masks. Restaurants are full on Tuesday nights. Spring is in the air. Despite the horrors of war in the Ukraine and the challenges facing our battered economy here in Western Mass, it feels like we could be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope this is a magical spring that we ALL deserve.

For us, spring means getting back on the river. Following the runoff, the waters clear, begin to warm and we can paddle on the Great River. Sometime in May we start seeing the migrating fish.

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Trail Running for Beginners


If you are reading this, you may already have some running experience, or even a habit of going out for a run a few times a week. Only you have not done much trail running, and you want to do more! Trail Running Coach and Adventure East Hiking Guide, Laure Van Den Broeck Raffensperger talks a little about why joining us for a Beginners trail running series is an excellent idea.

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Exploring Western Mass with Fresh Eyes This Winter

Winter is here and, as we are fond of saying at Adventure East, that doesn't mean that the adventures have to come to an end.

While the forest can seem silent and, in some ways, empty this time of year, winter can actually be the ideal time for exploration. What some may perceive as a desolate forest is actually a winter wonderland filled with life and activity; you just have to know where to look.

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