Canoe and Kayak Rentals


We provide canoe and kayak rentals to the following paddling destinations:

Lake Warner — This gem of a lake in the middle of the valley at the base of Mt Warner is perfect destination for a two hour paddle. Surrounded by an abundance of wildlife you will be amazed by the remote feeling paddling among the reeds and lily pads. This paddle is great for those with less experience in a kayak.

Sunderland Islands - This 2-hour out and back paddle around the Sunderland Islands is a wonderful way to start your river paddling explorations.

Hatfield - This 6-mile paddle from Sunderland to Hatfield is a place to begin river touring. Views of Mt Warner and the Holyoke Range greet you as you paddle under the Sunderland Bridge into Western Mass farmlands. This paddle is approximately two-hours depending on river and wind conditions.

Poplar Street — This 9-mile paddle from Turners Falls to Sunderland is one of our favorites. It's unlikely you will see other boats and almost certain you will see more than a few bald eagles. This paddle is approximately four-hours depending on river and wind conditions and requires prior experience.


Experience Location
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Lake Warner

Two hour rental with shuttle from Sunderland to Lake Warner Ramp and back.

Sunderland Islands

Two hour rental with shuttle from Sunderland to Sunderland Ramp and back.


Three hour rental with return shuttle from Hatfield boat ramp.

Poplar Street - Turners Falls

Four hour rental with shuttle from Sunderland to Poplar Street in Turners Falls and back

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What's Included?

Kayak and paddle

PFD appropriate to water conditions and your needs

Dry storage for small personal items

A fun and scenic time on the water with the potential for excellent birdwatching!


What to Bring

Clothing for paddling* and dry clothing

Footwear for paddling* and dry land footwear


Sunglasses - polarized ideal

Sunscreen and hat

Plenty of drinking water

Cell phone

Waterproof camera!


Other Notes:

Rentals subject to river and weather conditions.

We do not permit the transportation of our boats on any vehicles other than our own.

Please call if you would like to schedule a private rental.


Lake Warner: $65pp
Sunderland Islands: $65pp
Hatfield: $85pp
Poplar Street: $125pp
14+ accompanied by parent
Fitness Level:
Skill Level:
Each participant, or their guardian, must sign a waiver to participate in an Adventure East experience. Following payment of your online booking, your reservation confirmation will include a link to e-sign the waiver. Due to insurance requirements, we are unable to accommodate guests who do not sign a waiver.