Mt. Toby Circuit

16 and up
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  • Mt. Toby
October 15

Surrounded by the towns of Sunderland, Leverett and Montague, Mt Toby is the centerpiece of our scenic New England bike ride.

We begin from Sunderland Center passing through this historic New England town which was first settled more than 300 years ago. The rich soils of the Connecticut River Valley are home to some well-known local farm to table producers including Thomas Farm & Dairy with fabulous goat cheeses, Kitchen Garden Farm famous for their sizzling salsas and hot sauces and Riverland Farms producing a wide range of organic vegetables.

Departing the fertile Connecticut River plain we enter the woodland forests of the Town of Leverett. We pass by Leverett Pond, through the center of Leverett and continue by the Rattlesnake Gutter Conservation area. Looping around the northern edge of Mt. Toby we pass by Cranberry Pond, a glacial kettle pond formed by the Laurentide Ice Sheet more than 15,000 years ago. Passing briefly through the southernmost corner of Montague, we make our final descent on the western side of Mt Toby. With glimpses of the Connecticut River, rolling farm hills and wooded forests this is the perfect end to our scenic ride.

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What's Included?

Guided ride

Bike – we provide flat bar recreational bikes appropriate for all skill levels and perfect for taking in the scenery

Helmet with flashing light


What to Bring

Comfortable biking shoes, such as sneakers or light hikers

Layers appropriate for the temperatures

Sun protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)

Plenty of drinking water and snacks