Wellness Retreat at Montague Retreat Center


Age Level: All

Fitness Level: All

Skill Level:  All

This half-day wellness retreat is focused on grounding outdoor experiences at the lovely Montague Retreat Center.

Our morning starts with a brief introduction and a setting of intentions and goals for the day. We’ll take a few minutes for focused breathing exercises to center ourselves and begin our experience together.

Winter is a beautiful time to enjoy a walk in the woods and you don’t need prior experience to don a pair of snowshoes or micro spikes to make the experience an enjoyable one. Once we get going, we’ll explore the beauty of the winter forest and connect to the healing powers of nature. We’ll discover the abundance of life in the forest. With tree and bird identification as well as wildlife tracking, we can begin to know our natural world more intimately.

Returning to the retreat center, and following a short break, we will have an all-levels, yoga experience. With a gentle and mindful flow our movements will help us feel centered as we further immerse ourselves.

After our yoga session we will nourish ourselves with afternoon tea and fresh, delicious muffins. As we enjoy our snack, we will have time to reflect on our day and appreciate our shared experience in nature.

About Montague Retreat Center:

Based on the property of the historic Ripley Sugar Farm - one of the oldest maple syrup producers in New England - Montague Retreat Center is nestled among 34 acres of south facing fields in a peaceful atmosphere and is an ideal setting for a day of exploration and connection. 

What's included:

  • Guided, mindful nature walk
  • Snowshoes/microspikes and trekking poles
  • Yoga experience
  • Yoga mat
  • Afternoon tea with delicious muffins
  • An opportunity to connect with nature

What to bring:

  • Winter boots, thick socks
  • Appropriate layers according to the temperatures (avoid cotton base layers)

*See our Guide to Layering

  • Hat and gloves
  • Comfortable clothes for yoga
  • Plenty of drinking water

Meeting point: Montague Retreat Center


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