With literally thousands of miles of trails on both state and private conservation lands to explore, we offer trail walks with naturalists, snowshoeing, forest bathing, yoga in the woods, cultural and historical tours, bird watching, and good old-fashioned hikes. Our hiking experiences vary in skill level, accommodating those looking for a challenge as well as folks who are interested in an activity that the entire family can easily enjoy.

And with winter approaching we've added plenty of great winter programming to our hiking and snowshoeing experiences, including: a tracking series for those looking to get familiar with local wildlife, mindful nature walks and some longer hikes along our favorite trails. We're all stocked up on brand new equipment for our winter outings. We have high-quality snowshoes and microspikes for adults and kids, as well as trekking poles to help navigate winter terrain. Never worn snowshoes before? No worries! Our guides are knowledgeable about the equipment and are more than happy to instruct you on proper usage before setting out for the experience. With the right gear and attentive guides, we have everything that you need to have a fun and safe experience with Adventure East this winter.



All Adventure East experiences are available as private events for you and your family or pod. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Hikes

Tuesday, 03/22/2022

Using our skills in observation, we can identify animals by their tracks most easily in winter when there is snow cover.

However, there are other ways to see animals as well. Middens, debris left behind from eating, fur and feathers, seed pods, bark and twigs, droppings and urine markings, and other telltale signs are sure to be found. A keen observer sees more than just tracks in the snow.

*This last session will build off previous sessions and encourage participants to identify tracks and share their stories about their animal.