Looking for ways to reconnect and/or strengthen your relationship with nature? One of our wellness experiences may be just what you need to enjoy the outdoors with intention while exploring different methods of mindfulness and relaxation. With experiences like forest bathing, yoga in the woods, or a transformative evening hike under the full moon, we offer activities that are designed to boost energy and access all of the nurturing powers of nature. Like all Adventure East experiences, our wellness programs will take us to serene and gorgeous locales throughout Western Massachusetts.




All Adventure East experiences are available as private events for you and your family or pod. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Yoga/Forest Bathing Experiences

Saturday, 12/18/2021

This one-day wellness retreat is focused on grounding outdoor experiences at the lovely Woolman Hill Retreat Center in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Our morning starts in the Meeting House where we briefly introduce ourselves and talk about our goals for the day. We’ll take a few minutes for focused breathing exercises to center ourselves and begin our experience together.